The trick Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff and its own link to Universal Vortex Mathematics

The trick Enneagram regarding Gurdjieff and its own link to Universal Vortex Mathematics

Within the geometry, an enthusiastic enneagram is an excellent nine-directed airplane contour.

has become the icon off Gurdjieff, just as the God therefore the get across but Gurdjieff made no mention of the they inside the trilogy:”All the and Everything” (“Beelzebub’s Stories to help you Their Grandson”, “Meetings having Better Boys”, and also the shell of 3rd Show)!

The newest Enneagram appear in the first place from P. D. Ouspensky’s “Wanting the latest Miracle”, Section fourteen in which Gurdjieff provided a beneficial lecture exhibiting so it symbol. It was till the beginning of your Institute towards the Unified Growth of Man inside Fontainebleau therefore the composing regarding Beelzebub’s Reports. Since then it has been prolonged on because of the thousands of people as the a hack from spiritual creativity. A big industry changed in the examination of the intersecting lines, particularly in the latest mapping off 9 identification designs (arbitrarily selected) in addition to their relationships. Of a lot are rich providing presentations, drawing diagrams, and you will acting as practitioners during these degree which have end up being synonymous on the enneagram, called the Enneagram_of_Character by Wikipedia, that was raised out of Gurdjieff by the Oscar Ichazo and you may Helen Palmer. This new 4th Way Enneagram inside the Wikipedia takes on second mess in order to it now. This is the Ouspensky and you may John Grams. Bennett followers just who make use of this term, but it is precisely called the Gurdjieff Enneagram. The fresh thus-titled ‘scientific’ training of your “4th Method Enneagram” you to try to anticipate incidents utilizing the half a dozen vectors out-of the brand new repeated es of chance.

Astrology already keeps twelve models, but they are of your own substance, whereas these 9 models about Enneagram_of_Identity attempt to map the newest personality. Brand new character is new artificial framework that we would so you’re able to protect the essence from the business. In the course of time, this research of personalities try a complete waste of amount of time in this building of a heart, that’s built up on substance. You’ll be able this particular education might be useful in this new control from other individuals who do not have a clue which they enjoys an essence, however, certainly suits no purpose so you can one’s religious gains.

The secret Enneagram off Gurdjieff as well as link to Universal Vortex Math

When i check out this excerpt, I believed to me, which need to be a mistake also it shall be “Sevenfoldness” such as the fresh “Rules regarding Heptaparaparshinokh”, especially in brand new context of your 7 cards about octave. Whether it is supposed to be the one and only source towards the 9 affairs of your Enneagram, it’s uncommon, because unique figure most contains eight outlines you to definitely privately get in touch with this new repeated quantitative being the section from the 7. Another a few points are from the inner triangle that is will overlooked.

It’s apt to be the mentioned ‘Law out-of Ninefoldness’ refers to help you some thing harder as compared to Enneagram and wasn’t known by Gurdjieff during the time of their writing. This “Legislation of Ninefoldness” probably is the has just receive (or will I state recalled) Vortex Mathematics that’s shown contained in this lecture. Inside the Vortex Mathematics the amount 9 enjoys another type of relationship, for example, one of several functions regarding 9 is that if it’s placed into a range, it includes you to exact same ft number:

  • 1+9=ten hence decreases to just one+0 and this means(==) 1
  • 8+9=17=1+7=8
  • twelve,345 (1+2+3+4+5=15=6==12,345+9=12,354 that is step one+2+3+5+4=15=6
  • ..

It is vital to remember that the process of “reduction”, since made use of through the this presentation, would be to create the digits higher than nine with her to demonstrate the essence since step one-9. It is a familiar habit within the Numerology.

The amount is even printed in the latest cosmos: diameter of your own environment: 7920 kilometers (7+9+2+0 = 18 = 9), sq ft = 144 ins, cubic ft 1728 in, rectangular yard=1296 inches, (proliferate from the ten is 12960 and you can 12960 decades (1 / 2 of precession of your own equinoxes 25,920 years) mejores sitios de citas para solteros hispanos, circle 360 degrees, square ninety grade x 4 = 360 level, equilateral triangle 60 amount x step 3 =180 stages, pentagon= 108 x 5= 540 amounts (gold atomic pounds 108), pyramid truncation 4 x 180 amount = 720 degrees, cube 6 x 360 = 2160 grade

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