Whenever Azula nonchalantly said she’d become going to Ty Lee’s results afterwards that night, Ty Lee indicated notable uneasiness

Whenever Azula nonchalantly said she’d become going to Ty Lee’s results afterwards that night, Ty Lee indicated notable uneasiness


Azula and Ty Lee had a fairly difficult matchmaking because of its researching characters; when you find yourself Azula try imply-spirited, an excellent strategist, intimidating and you can socially inept, Ty Lee are warmhearted, friendly, and you may very societal. Even though Ty Lee seemed to gain benefit from the princess’ team when they have been younger, lots of the girl methods appeared to be located in worry from Azula just like the she expanded older. [4] Ty Lee came across Azula on the Royal Flame Academy for females plus Mai. During their young people, Azula chuckled as the she pressed Ty Lee off pursuing the latter upstaged the woman in doing a few cartwheels and you will somersaults, far in order to Ty Lee’s dised up to play a great prank for the Mai and you will Zuko. [12]

Previous friend

When Azula found recruit the lady to possess a goal to recapture Zuko and you may Iroh (and soon after, Aang), Ty Lee very first refused, stating she appreciated traditions at the Flame Nation circus. In the circus’ reveal, Azula managed to get because the harmful to own Ty Lee that one can; so much in fact, one Ty Lee nearly faulted when performing an acrobatic stance. Afterwards, when Azula said she is actually awaiting another day’s inform you, Ty Lee quickly given up the woman quiet life and you will left having Azula.

While you are Ty Lee, within one point, thought about Azula since a friend, it absolutely was obvious one she formulated a concern with this new princess and you may try hesitant to disobey the woman. She appeared to have more respect having Azula, although not, in place of Mai. Whenever Azula purchased them to follow the Avatar’s friends, she proceeded the new pursuit, even jumping toward a canal off slurry and this Mai refused to strategy. She searched to the fresh little princess to some extent, openly appreciating their confidence. [1] [5]

Ty Lee appeared to care about Azula’s views regarding the girl and almost every other matters, highlighted when she immediately first started crying after Azula insulted the woman. Azula appeared to worry about the girl friend’s ideas to help you a specific studies, saying genuine guilt on her tips. Yet not, when Zuko named Ty Lee a great “circus nut”, Azula chuckled coldly, contrasting this lady earlier tips. [1] Ty Lee ventured on Boiling Material jail which have Azula and battled alongside the girl until Azula learned that Mai helped Zuko refrain. When Mai is seized, Azula happy to struck their down out-of fury. Yet not, Ty Lee chose to block Azula’s chi to save Mai. Azula got him or her secured out, that have Ty Lee offering her a final appearance of defiance in advance of she was removed. [7]

Including Mai, Ty Lee did actually don’t have a lot of empathy for Azula. She failed to mention Azula following Hundred year Conflict ended, alternatively choosing to move on and you will befriend this new Kyoshi Fighters, who she timely joined. [8]

Included in the woman new life, she are assigned to guard Azula including Suki on Zuko’s consult. If little princess attacked this lady cousin, Ty Lee try brief to chi take off Azula, generating the lady good scolded question regarding princess, asking their whenever “she”, writing on Ursa, had were able to distance themself Ty Lee’s concern on her behalf. The fresh new chi blocker stated that Azula generated no sense, even though immediately following she kept the space, she acknowledge to help you Zuko and Suki one to Azula ended up being completely wrong and that she had never destroyed the lady worry to your girl. After, whenever Azula usually teased Zuko along with his loved ones because they waiting setting over to come across Ursa, Ty Lee scolded Azula to own usually getting mean to the people as much as the lady. [10] These types of ideas towards the little princess remained, as Ty Lee admitted so you can Mai you to definitely she dreaded for their safeguards after training one Azula got gone away regarding the Forgetful Valley. Wanting to know if the Azula nonetheless need revenge in order to have become betrayed, Ty Lee noted to have become unable to take care of a “quiet aura”, constantly checking the lady landscaping in the event that the newest little princess ever reemerged. [11]

Later on, pursuing the fall from Ba Play Se, Ty Lee gone back to new Flames Nation. She and you may Azula visited the Boiling Rock in which it intervened in an attempt from the Zuko and Sokka so you’re able to save your self prisoners indeed there. Ty Lee didn’t physically come across Sokka, given that she was obsessed that have fighting Suki. Yet not, she appeared somewhat unfortunate adopting the fight whether or not it featured you to definitely Sokka and business was in fact probably slide to their deaths because of wires of their gondola are slash. [7]

Ty Lee went on to possess Mai’s believe, as she http://www.datingranking.net/korean-cupid-review/ is actually requested to greatly help assess Kei Lo’s correct motives regarding the The Ozai People and you may learn more about Ukano’s arrangements to have overthrowing Zuko. Its relationship has also been comfy enough that they you may voice issue about both, because Ty Lee berated Mai getting feigning love to own Kei Lo locate your to talk, scolding her if you are “fake” and you can unethical. [11]

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